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L`oreal Alliance Perfect Foundation And L`oreal Perfect Match Powder / Review & Swatches

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Saturday, July 20, 2013
L`oreal foundation powder swatch

Hi ladies, I want to share my L`oreal experiance with you today. I`ve read many bad reviews and comments about these products and I think they don`t deserve this. I wanted to share my opinion about powder and foundation, hope you will like.

L'oreal le teint alliance perfect - foundation

N4 - beige
SPF - 17
Made in France

I`m totally in love with this foundation. It is not oily and doesen`t dry your skin. After application it soaks in your skin immidiatlly. Layers transition are invisiable. Foundation is well pigmented, it has a good structure and mattiffy the skin. It doesen`t look cakey and doesen`t block pores.

foundation review and swatch

foundation swatch

L'oreal la poudre perfect match - powder

9 ml.
D5 - golden sand
Made in Italy

I like it very much also. It has a very light and creamy structure. Mattifies & stays on the your skin all day long, doesen`t fall off and doesen`t crease. The only weak point is the same as in other powders - very very bad sponge. It is impossible to use it. So the best variant is to apply it with powder brush. After regular usage skin become very smooth and soft.

Both product don`t have a strong smell, I don`t like when products smell stays on the skin. I woulsd absolutelly reccomend to try this products. I bet everyone will enjoy the quolity and price.

powder review

Lots of love,

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